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The Tax Department, also known as the Revenue Administration, is the public-sector body responsible for assessing and collecting taxes. The Tax Department in the Federal Republic of Germany is split between central government and the federal states.

The Federal Ministry of Finance is the supreme authority of the Federal Revenue Administration. Subordinate to it are various senior authorities which perform specific functions for which central government is responsible, such as the Federal Central Tax Office.

Strictly speaking, the Federal Revenue Administration includes the Federal Ministry of Finance as the supreme federal authority, the senior federal authorities, the medium-level authorities, local authorities and other departments such as the Data Processing and Information Technology Centre (ZIVIT).

It also includes authorities and public sector bodies under the authority of the Federal Ministry (e.g. the Federal Financial Supervisory Agency).   
Illustration: Summary of the department (as at January 2016)

Geschäftsbereich des BMF
FMSA Berichtigung der Abkürzung, alt: MS PT

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